Chelsea bombing: FBI seeks men who found suitcase with second device

The FBI is looking for the two men who found the suitcase that contained a bomb on West 27th Street in Chelsea on Saturday.

The bomb was the second device allegedly placed by suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami.

The FBI said the men found the suitcase with the device, removed the device and left the scene with the suitcase. The agency said it is interested in speaking with them and recovering the bag. The men are not considered suspects, the FBI said.

The image released by the FBI shows the men walking on West 27th Street between 8 and 9 p.m. on Sept. 17. 

The first explosive device went off around 8:30 p.m. on West 23rd Street. Police found the second device around 11 p.m. the same night.

The second device had a cellphone, as well as fingerprints, that investigators traced to Rahami.