Collision below FDR Drive leaves four injured

DSC09728 1
Three ambulances rushed to the scene of the crash.
Photo by Dean Moses

The roadway on 18th Street and Avenue C was left strewn with glass and debris late Saturday night after a vehicle collision. 

The tarmac just below the FDR Drive was the scene of a collision that left four individuals injured less than 30 minutes before midnight on April 10th. Three ambulances and several fire engines raced to the scene where they found two vehicles in severe disrepair following an accident. 

The side of the minivan is inverted. Photo by Dean Moses
Inside glass litters the seats. Photo by Dean Moses

A Jeep Wrangler plowed into the side of a black minivan at 11:34PM, causing airs bags to be deployed. The jeep’s windshield was cover with a spider web of cracks while the right side of the minivan was pulverized. 

According to FDNY sources, nobody was pined or trapped inside their cars but still members of the FDNY and EMS could be observed tending to the victims by removing them from the ruined vehicles. It took attending emergency services a matter of minutes to retrieve the injured, two of whom were treated on the scene while the remaining victims were transferred to the nearby Bellevue hospital. 

The extent of the injuries are not known at this time. 

The Jeep’s windshield is a spiderweb of cracks. Photo by Dean Moses
Parts of the vehicle hang loose. Photo by Dean Moses


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