When it comes to a tablet -- whether it's an iOS, Android, or Microsoft device -- productivity will always pale in comparison to a desktop or laptop computer.

While specs and software have advanced to the point where the difference in power is minimal, a self-contained tablet, by its very nature, cannot match the speed and efficiency of a full-sized keyboard and a separate monitor.

And the fact that there's a market for detachable keyboards for tablets speaks volumes about how essential PCs and laptops continue to be.

However, devices such as the Microsoft Surface and Samsung Galaxy tablets have added a feature that attempts to bridge the efficiency gap.

Working in conjunction with multitasking capabilities, those lines of products allow users to display a split-screen workspace with two app windows sitting side-by-side and running simultaneously.

Conspicuously missing from Apple products -- which also have had issues and controversies surrounding true multitasking in the past -- the split-screen feature was used prominently in Microsoft Surface ads touting the shortcomings of the pricier iPads.

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