Cops nab suspect moments after traffic cop assault near Times Square

The suspect was arrested after a brief pursuit.
Photo by Dean Moses

Police officers chased down and arrested a suspect near Times Square late Tuesday afternoon after the assault of a traffic cop, law enforcement sources said.

The incident occurred at around 3:30 p.m. on Dec. 29 near the corner of West 40th Street and 7th Avenue. Police officials and medical personal were already on the scene, responding to an unrelated 911 call when a passing traffic enforcement agent was accosted by a man, who identified himself as Luke.

This individual accused the officer of giving a nearby ambulance a parking ticket when a shouting match ensued. The agent could be seen pushing the man back, attempting to create distance when nearby NYPD officers rushed to intervene.

The altercation between a NYPD traffic agent and the suspect. Photo by Dean Moses

The suspect fled along West 40th Street as officers gave chase. The brief pursuit concluded between 38th and 39th Streets after members of the Midtown South Precinct tackled the man against a parked vehicle, cuffing him.

The suspect professed his innocence to gathered onlookers as he was being detained stating: “I was investigating why he was giving a ticket!”

After a thorough search, additional officers arrived to help place the suspect into the custody of a NYPD cruiser.

No injuries were reported.    

Officers placed the man into of an NYPD cruiser, leaving only a pair of worn shoes. Photo by Dean Moses

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