Cops respond to emotionally disturbed man during Stuyvesant Town standoff

Officers gear up with bullet proof vests and shields.
Photo by Dean Moses

An individual described as emotionally disturbed got into a brief standoff with police in Stuyvesant Town on Wednesday afternoon.

At around 1:40 pm on Dec. 9, emergency services were called to 622 East 20th St. to deal with an emotionally disturbed person.

A cavalcade of police cruisers, ambulances, and NYPD trucks lined the East 20th Street loop in Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village where officers donned bullet proof vests and lugged riot shields at their sides.

According to police, the 55-year-old male had a mental breakdown within the luxury apartment complex barricading himself within the apartment. Officers were called to the scene in order to prevent the individual from harming himself and/or others.

Hostage negotiations arrived to assess the situation. (Photo by Dean Moses)

Although no further comment was given, a member of a Hostage Negotiation team was also spotted entering the premises.

Things seemed to be at a standoff as members of the NYPD were at the scene exiting and entering the building over the course of an hour, bringing a large saw and what looked to be a propane tank into the apartment guarded by a watchful officer.

At approximately 3:50pm, the man was removed from his apartment and transported to Bellevue hospital where he will receive a full psychological evaluation. No injures were reported.        

An officer carrying a large saw. (Photo by Dean Moses)