Democracy Wall

By Carl R. Hultberg

Scratch a message in the paint

Make your magic mark on life

The forbidden word, the secret truth

Silent symbol of change from the state of sorrow and


Others will see that they’re not alone

Take the example and join the growing throng

Everyone finally wondering

Why it’s taken this long

No one can beat you or take you away

If they don’t who it was who had something to say…

Now it’s the network, our new phones that type

The blogs and the comments after editorial posts

Three hundred messages every one citizen real

(Except for a few kids’ pranks and GOP ghosts)

Schoolteachers taking on those classroom bullies of hate

Far away yet right in sight of the reading crowd

Bush apparatchiks and racist hatemongers

Getting slapped right down

No this isn’t the stuff of your dreams

It’s just a bit of what the magic screen has come to


Carl R. Hultberg, a former Downtowner, writes RagMag, an email blast on politics and music where this poem first appeared. His email is carl.hultberg@nyu.edu.