DEVELOPING: Third day of protests in New York sees more calm than upheaval

Protesters at the corner of 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard in Harlem on May 30, 2020. (Photo by Dean Moses)

A far cry from the chaos that broke out in Brooklyn Friday night, Saturday’s protests across New York City have started out largely peaceful.

Demonstrations across the five boroughs are underway in the aftermath of the police-involved death of Minneapolis’ George Floyd. Groups have taken to the streets demanding an end to police brutality and criminal justice reform. 

In Harlem, protesters gathered at the corner of 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard and marched throughout the neighborhood. At points, they stopped traffic by “taking a knee for justice” or by walking across the FDR Drive or Henry Hudson Parkway



Others have taken to the streets of Jackson Heights and Woodside in Queens calling for an end to injustice. Protests began at 3 p.m. at Diversity Plaza, with hundreds of participants demanding justice for Floyd.


As the Queens group passed along a residential block, neighbors rang out cowbells in support of the effort.


Another protest in Flatbush, Brooklyn saw a big police presence, though not as large as on Friday. There, the atmosphere seems more subdued.

amNewYork Metro has reporters across the entire city covering the demonstrations. More to come later.