Donald Trump: 25 years of women, wealth, and the lust for political power

A trio of themes have dominated the life of Donald Trump over the past 25 years — they could even be called obsessions.

These themes — women, wealth and political power — have helped the New York-born billionaire tycoon transform himself from gloriously coifed scion of a wealthy real estate developer into loudmouthed operator of a casino empire, builder of luxury homes and hotels and golf courses, reality TV celebrity, lifestyle brand and candidate for the GOP nomination for president of the United States.

Along the way, he has married three models, surrounded himself with the beauties of the pageants that he organizes through his Miss Universe Organization, wrote a growing library of books and became the spigot of outrageous quotes.

He has also irritated a lot of people and even been slammed to the mat during a pay-per-view wrestling match.

He just may be the kind of tycoon that America wants as president.

Here’s a quarter century of the Donald’s life in 17 key moments.