Donald Trump Jr.: What to know about Trump’s first son

Donald Trump’s firstborn, Donald Trump Jr., has referred to his father as his mentor and best friend.

When Trump Jr. makes headlines, they often relate to that father-friend. Most recently, following a New York Times report on July 9, Trump Jr. admitted that he had met with a Russian lawyer during his dad’s presidential campaign in 2016. He released a statement, and Reince Priebus, White House chief of staff, described the meeting as a “big nothing burger.”

Then, on July 11, Trump Jr. tweeted an email chain regarding what led up to that meeting with the Russian lawyer. The emails mentioned an offer to deliver damaging information about rival Hillary Clinton as part of Moscow’s official support for his father.

Born in 1977 in Manhattan, Trump Jr. is one of three children of Trump Sr. and his first wife, Ivana. He was only 12 years old when his parents separated and he and his siblings lived with their mother after the divorce. But Trump Jr. still built a strong relationship with his father and has followed partially in the Republican nominee’s footsteps, taking a major role in the family company. He hasn’t yet run for office, but the idea has crossed his mind, he says.

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