Downtown Giants beat Falcons in grudge match

Shaking off the sugar hangover from the evening before, Downtown Giants and Queens Falcons players came suited up and ready to win on this sunny Saturday after Halloween night. If ever a morning were tough to get up, it was this. But once pre-game exercises were through and teams took their positions on the field, they were all business and ready to play football.

Last month when these teams faced off, the Queens Falcons beat the Downtown Giants in a show of skilled offense and ruthless defense. Would the Falcons repeat their performance, or would the Giants get their revenge?

Well it was immediately looking good for the Giants, when the first play of the game Giants offensive end Ry Cohen took the handoff from quarterback Jack Vernon and shot through an opening for a 70-yard run for the game’s first touchdown.

The defense took the field and hung tough, with James Halbert and Ben Steinberg stopping runs by Falcons Nathaniel Nickel and Jeremy Gonzalez. The next play, Giants Nate Hamoway stopped a Falcon with a helmet cracking tackle.

Later, James Halbert and Michael Morin forced a fumble, with the Giants Nate Hamoway recovering.

Back in possession, Cohen swept right for another Giants touchdown. Momentum was back and Cohen made the extra point.

Tackles by Michael Lenahan, Jake Ourvan, and Sean O’Toole sent the Falcons for a three-yard loss.

Then Cohen ran up the middle and around the left for a 49 yard run touchdown!.

The Giants Brendan Farrell, Trevor Doebele and William Watt made nice tackles for the Giants to start the second half.

But then the Falcons ran it in for a touchdown. Giants Joseph Simmons stopped the extra point.

As soon as he stopped the extra point, he ran into position as Giants offensive end. After carrying for two yards, Simmons got another handoff and with some very fancy footwork, maneuvered his way out of the grasp of Falcons D, found his spot up the middle, and ran the ball in for a 58-yard touchdown! “Go Joe Joe,” roared the crowd.

Falcons offense had to make this possession count. Quarterback Mitchell tossed to Nickel who made a 48-yard run downfield for what looked like was going to be a T.D., but Giants Spenser Kiehl made the saving tackle on the Falcons five. They squeaked through for a touchdown.

Lenahan ran it in for a 35-yard touchdown

Giants Avery Rivera, Sean Halbert, Jake Ourvan, Simmons, Zachary Traussi, and Brendan Farrell played strong defense to stop the Falcons on their final drive and preserve the win.

In the post-game huddle, Coaches Chase and Frankie had a few proud words for the Giants team that day: “You did it guys, you did it! The reason why you won today is because you never gave up after the games that you lost. And when you don’t give up, you win. I’m so proud of you, I can’t even explain myself. You have heart, you have guts; you are the Downtown Giants!” Joe Simmons received the game ball.