Downtowners get a full weekend as chill drives out rain


Temperatures are dropping, but the Downtown Soccer League hasn’t cooled down. Teams played tough this weekend in the chilly weather.

Junior 6   

Southampton vs. West Ham

The sun was finally out on Saturday morning when Southampton met West Ham, but it was very chilly. Southampton had some incredible teamwork with Ava O’Mara and James Stanke playing awesome defense during the first half with West Ham scoring only two goals, one by Noah Skelskie.  The second half proved to be a better matchup with Southampton’s great goalie Carlos Ritchie having some fantastic stops. Hannah Weinstein and Ariana Lamser of Southampton had some very fast foot work during the second half.  Both teams had a great time.

Jack McGreevy of Blackburn clears the ball as Charlton’s Brody Sharoff defends.

Minor 9

Dundee vs. Rangers

After weeks of rain, the sun suddenly came out and Downtown Soccer finally had a chance to play again. Dundee met the Rangers for a fierce and trilling match up. The Rangers’ Hannah Stanke’s made a hard kick and almost scored a goal during the first half, but just could not penetrate past the awesome goalkeeping of Dundee’s Eric Blohm. Dundee’s Elise Loving and Niki Lee Sanders had some brilliant ball handling throughout the game. The second half was a defensive battle with only one goal scored in the second half by the Rangers’ Tyler Brandon.  The game ended with everyone having fun.

Livingston vs. Aberdeen

It was a slippery game but Aberdeen got its fifth shutout this season, this time against Livingston.  Livingston’s outstanding goalie Max Akselrad, who played the entire game, made at least two dozen saves.  Though Aberdeen’s Alex Scheman, Jakob Rosenberg, Raphael Santore and Ethan Feldman shot relentlessly, only one powerful kick by Lucas Deysine was allowed just three minutes before the end of the game. Both teams left the field muddy and exhausted.

Mia Potter of the Wolves goes for the ball against Rusty Gerber of Astor Villa.

Major 11

Monaco vs. Marseille

Monaco and Marseille played for the second time this season demonstrating their continuing improvement in mastering soccer skills. The match was well-played by both squads. Sound midfield play by Monaco’s Corey Betancourt and Caspar Henak and the defense of Jessica McAlear, Sandella Taylor and Michael Martorana kept the game under control. The improvement in passing resulted in a first goal by Cameron Spector for Monaco as he split the Marseille defense on a great pass by Caspar Henak. Throughout the match the level of goal keeping was outstanding as a number of breakaways were fielded and turned away by Alessandra Rossi and Brian Boyd of Monaco, who continue to thrill the spectators.  The second half of play continued the high level as Alessandra Rossi and Lindsay Holcomb added two more goals for Monaco on some superb passing and shooting. Charles Porcaro for Marseille fielded a well executed pass and hit an unstoppable shot into the upper goal. Final score was Monaco 3, Marseille 1.

Downtown Soccer League coaches should email game highlights to news@DowntownExpress.com on Monday mornings.

Compiled by Caitlin Eichelberger

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