DUSC U-11 boys aim for State Cup

The Downtown United Soccer Club U-11 boys team that created a huge upset by defeating a top Division One East Meadow team is forging ahead. In front of a growing crowd of spectators they handily beat a Division One team from Northport, L.I., 6-2. Spencer Brown scored two goals, as did E’lon Sayles (one was a great header). Angel Ortiz-Rivera scored, and goalie Johnny O’Hara had an assist when his long punt went past the midfield and was picked up by striker Arik Pablo-Raviv for another blistering goal.

Out of the woodwork emerged another DUSC U-11 boys team to advance in the Challenge Cup, a similar statewide competition. Under the leadership of Coach Dave Lovercheck, they have buried two Long Island teams, most recently in double overtime against West Islip. The game had been tied from a goal by DUSC’s Adrian Russo, and a few minutes before it might have gone to a shootout, Emiliano Bombieri-Morales popped in the winning goal.

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