E3 unveilings include Microsoft Halo remakes

The game will be released in the fall.

Microsoft gave gamers a blast from the past during its presentation Monday at the annual e3 video game conference.

The software giant showed off several sequels and remakes for its popular Xbox One console games including a new “Tomb Raider,” “Fable” and “Crackdown.”

The biggest announcement from Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, was a high-definition re-release of the first four core games in the shooter series “Halo” that will boast state-of-the-art graphics.

Players who buy the game when it comes out in the fall will also have a chance to test out “Halo 5,” which is set to hit stores in 2015. Sony and Nintendo will give their presentations at the conference this week and are also expected to announce new games for their PlayStation 4 and Wii-U systems, respectively.

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