East New York tech expo seeking vendors

Calling all Brooklyn tech companies: There will be an expo to showcase your work in East New York later this month.

Mazii, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit digital literacy organization, is hosting its inaugural Digital Duo Day from noon-3 p.m. on Saturday, June 14th, in a community outdoor space at Pitkin and Shepherd avenues and Berriman Street.

Since 2007, Mazii has been bridging the gap between technology-crazed young people and senior citizens who could benefit from the knowledge but didn’t grow up with it.

However, with only three companies signed up as of press time, Mazii founder Andrea Lawrence is seeking more interest.

“What better way to have seniors get involved in tech than to also have some tech companies come exhibit their work?” she said.

Lawrence said residents in underserved neighborhoods such as East New York crave this kind of knowledge and community-building.

“It’s a great thing because we’re [getting] two generations in this type of neighborhood to be engaged in something that they’re both interested in,” she explained. “In this neighborhood that’s perceived to be forgotten, they’re actually engaged in [tech] and they’re having conversations.”

Companies can set up booths at the expo and display their gadgets and programs while visitors and participants alike enjoy tunes from a live band, free sandwiches, compliments of Panera Bread, and beverages. Booths and visitor entries are also free of charge. Representatives from Mazii will also be stationed to teach seniors about selfies and other popularities in technology culture.

For more info or to register, call 718-492-6960.