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GOP cheat sheet: Where Republican candidates stand on the issues

It seems like everyone and their mother is seeking the Republican nomination for president, so you might not be too familiar with each and every candidate.

We've assembled some key information about all 15 remaining GOP contenders, from high-profile candidates like Donald Trump to the lesser-known Republicans like Jim Gilmore.

Read on to learn where the candidates stand on health care, immigration, gay marriage, gun control and Planned Parenthood.

Jeb Bush: The potential third Bush president

About Jeb Bush Age: 62 Education: Bush graduated
Photo Credit: Getty Images / Michael Loccisano

About Jeb Bush

Age: 62

Education: Bush graduated from the University of Texas with a Latin American affairs degree.

Political experience: Bush served as Florida secretary of commerce from 1987-1988 and as governor of Florida from 1999-2007.

Did you know: His real name is John Ellis Bush -- Jeb is just a nickname.

Here's where Bush stands on the issues...

Health care: Bush says he would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act with a plan that lowers costs and returns health care control to the states.

Immigration: Bush supports stronger border security and a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

Planned Parenthood: Bush defunded Planned Parenthood as governor. He said in August that Planned Parenthood should not get government funding "because they're not actually doing women's health issues."

Gay marriage: "Guided by my faith, I believe in traditional marriage," Bush said after the Supreme Court's July ruling. "I believe the Supreme Court should have allowed the states to make this decision."

Gun control: Bush has spoken out against the Obama administration's gun control proposals. He touts the "10-20-Life" law that he enacted in Florida, which created mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes.

Ben Carson: The neurosurgeon

About Ben Carson Age: 64 Education: Carson majored
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About Ben Carson

Age: 64

Education: Carson majored in psychology at Yale University before getting his M.D. at University of Michigan Medical School.

Political experience: Carson is a political newcomer.

Did you know: Carson was the first surgeon to separate twins conjoined at the head.

Here's where Carson stands on the issues...

Health care: Carson opposes the Affordable Care Act, which he said in 2013 was "the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery."

Immigration: Carson told CBS News that the U.S. should strengthen border security and "turn off the spigot that dispenses the goodies so that people don't have any incentive to come here."

Planned Parenthood: Carson wants to defund Planned Parenthood. He told CNN that the organization "doesn't seem to understand the sanctity of human life and is willing to destroy that."

Gay marriage: Carson strongly disagreed with the Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage. He has also made a number of controversial comments on homosexuality through the years, calling it a choice and suggesting that same-sex marriage would pave the way for bestiality.

Gun control: Carson's website says that "the right of law-abiding citizens to own firearms is fundamental to our liberty." He suggested in October that the Holocaust may have been less fatal if Jewish people had been armed.

Ted Cruz: The anti-establishment Republican

About Ted Cruz Age: 44 Education: Cruz has
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About Ted Cruz

Age: 44

Education: Cruz has a B.A. in public policy from Princeton University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Political experience: Cruz served as solicitor general of Texas under Gov. Rick Perry from 2003-2008 and has been a U.S. senator from Texas since 2013.

Did you know: Cruz was born in Canada, but his mother was born in the U.S.

Here's where Cruz stands on the issues...

Health care: Cruz has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Immigration: Cruz supports legislation to bar federal funds from going to so-called sanctuary cities. He also supports securing the border.

Planned Parenthood: Cruz wants to defund Planned Parenthood.

Gay marriage: The Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage was "the very definition of tyranny," Cruz said in July.

Gun control: Cruz is a vocal Second Amendment supporter who said in October that Americans could lose their right to bear arms if one more liberal Supreme Court justice is appointed.

John Kasich: The one who attended a gay wedding

About John Kasich Age: 63 Education: Kasich earned
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About John Kasich

Age: 63

Education: Kasich earned a political science degree from Ohio State University.

Political experience: Kasich has been governor of Ohio since 2011. He previously served as U.S. representative for Ohio from 1983-2001 and state senator from 1987-1982.

Did you know: As a congressman, he once tried to go on stage during a Grateful Dead concert. He was booted.

Here's where Kasich stands on the issues...

Health care: Kasich said he likes the expansion of Medicare to low-income people under the Affordable Care Act and other aspects of the law, but would seek to repeal it and replace it with something better.

Immigration: Kasich said he thinks illegal immigrants can contribute to the U.S. and should be legalized; however, he calls for strengthening borders and cracking down on illegal immigration.

Planned Parenthood: He has said that he doesn't believe the federal government should fund the organization.

Gay marriage: He opposes same-sex marriage, but has pointed out in the first Republican debate that he attended a gay friend's wedding.

Gun control: He voted for the assault-weapons ban while in Congress in 1998, but as governor has supported measures embraced by gun-rights activists.

Marco Rubio: A rap fan wielding a law degree

About Marco Rubio Age: 44 Education: Rubio earned
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About Marco Rubio

Age: 44

Education: Rubio earned his bachelor's degree at the University of Florida and earned a J.D. at the University of Miami.

Political experience: Rubio has served as a U.S. senator from Florida since 2011. He previously served in the Florida House of Representatives from 2000-2008.

Did you know: He is a huge rap fan, and even peppered a filibuster speech with quotes from Jay Z and Wiz Khalifa.

Here's where Rubio stands on the issues...

Health care: Rubio has called the Affordable Care Act "fatally flawed" and advocates "consumer-centered" reforms that would allow Americans to take a tax credit to purchase health insurance.

Immigration: Rubio has supported bipartisan efforts to reform the immigration system, including allowing for some path for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship.

Planned Parenthood: He has pushed for defunding the organization, saying it encourages women to get abortions.

Gay marriage: He has said that he opposes same-sex marriage.

Gun control: Rubio is opposed to gun control and introduced legislation earlier this year that would roll back firearms restrictions in the District of Columbia.

Donald Trump: The billionaire

About Donald Trump Age: 69 Education: He graduated
Photo Credit: Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

About Donald Trump

Age: 69

Education: He graduated from University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Finance.

Political experience: In 1999, he established a presidential exploratory committee under the Reform Party, which had been established by third-party candidate H. Ross Perot. Trump withdrew, but has flirted with running for president as a Republican previously, including in 2008. In the 21st century, he's been increasingly involved with Republican Party politics, including appearing as a speaker at conservative events and as a pundit on Fox News.

Did you know: He owns a $7 million helicopter with 24-karat gold-plated seat belts and handles, according to CNBC.

Here's where Trump stands on the issues...

Health care: Trump has said that the Affordable Care Act has "gotta go" and that he'll replace it with "something terrific." He previously supported the idea of creating a single-payer system modeled after Canada's.

Immigration: He's said he will deport all undocumented immigrants and allow the "good ones" re-entry. However, they would not be able to return as U.S. citizens.

Planned Parenthood: The candidate has called Planned Parenthood an "abortion factory" and said that abortion should not receive federal funding. However, he said he would consider funding for Planned Parenthood's other services for women.

Gay marriage: He has said he opposes gay marriage.

Gun control: He opposes gun control and has a license to carry a gun in New York.


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