Georgina Bloomberg: Dad ‘isn’t particularly good with children’

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is no Mary Poppins, according to his daughter.

Georgina Bloomberg, hizzoner’s 30-year-old daughter who is expecting her first child on Christmas Day, told Glamour.com that her dad "isn’t particularly good with children" but he’ll still be in her child’s life.

"I know we’ll find ways to spend time with my baby," she told Glamour. "I’m not sure I’ll be having him babysit, but I know he’ll be supportive and proud!"

In the wide-ranging interview, Georgina, a professional equestrian, added that she regrets saying that having the name Bloomberg "sucks" in a documentary about wealthy children called "Born Rich."

"I was only 19; 11 years later I feel completely differently," Georgina said. "Today I’m very appreciative of who my family is and how hard my father works. I’m proud to be a Bloomberg."