Giants midget team has an “O” line that is outstanding


When a football team is run-oriented, the unsung heroes are always the offensive linemen. It’s usually the running backs that get the glory, because it’s the running backs that carry the ball across the goal line. But without an offensive line to open the holes, the running back would have nowhere to run.

The Downtown Giants beat the Brooklyn Panthers 32-2 in a playoff game Saturday and will play the Rockaway Ravens for the Citywide Championship this weekend (neutral field to be determined).

“They [the offensive line] have their eyes on a National Championship and their eyesight is 20-20,” said offensive line coach Tim Gannon.

Before the semi-final game, coach Robert Kolb challenged the offensive line.

“Passing and running the football can only be successful if the offensive line can block effectively,” said Kolb.  

The offensive line rose to the challenge.

“The O line improves every play,” said Kolb. “This group will determine how far and if we go to the National Championships once again. If they continue to improve and play as they did today, there will be no limits to their success.”  

Last year the 2009 Downtown Giants Team, which many of the current players belonged to were invited to the American Youth Football National Championships in Florida. They left the “Sunshine State” undefeated.   

After the semi-final game against the Panthers, Kolb said the team was very close to each other and managed to comprehend their obligation to their teammates, the community and the Downtown Giants program.  

“Collectively they are very academic and adaptive.  It is a privilege for the coaching staff to have such good people to coach,” said Kolb.

Offensive line Captain Liam Wahl said, “We have a standard to maintain for all of the younger Downtown Giants in our program, both on and off the field. You cannot be a dumb jock at any level in this organization and expect success. The eight-year-olds in our program are already talking about wanting to go to the National Championships, it inspires us at the midget level.”

This year the Downtown Giants Midget team is 9-1. If they win next week, they will play the following week for the Regional Championship against a team from Buffalo, New York. Winning the Regional Championship means the Downtown Giants, once again, will have earned a spot to compete for the National Championships in Florida this December.

Other players whose efforts and contributions helped the Giants pounce the Panthers were running backs Omari Rossi, Disovanny Pallet and Kevin Quazzi Mourad, as well as defensive players Arnest Durakovi, Avery Tse and Robert Szymanski.