Google Glass now on sale for everyone in U.S.

Welcome to the future.

Google Glass is now on sale for $1,500 for everyone in the U.S., Google announced last week.

The device, which hooks up to an Android device to show alerts and run apps, is still in beta mode.

“Our hope is to bring Glass to new Explorers, like optometrists, sports lovers, online retailers, cooks, and travelers, who (like you!) can get in early and help make Glass better as part of our open beta, ahead of a wider consumer launch,” wrote Google in a statement.

Google last month opened up sales of Glass for just a single day, and the device sold out within hours. Other than that, sales of Glass had been restricted to about 10,000 people in two waves, most of whom had connections to the company. Last month’s sale was the only opportunity the general public had to buy Glass.

But despite the hype, at least two Google Glass wearers reported attacks with the device on, leaving some to wonder if Glass has become a symbol of technology gone too far.