Hidden Cash in NYC: Manhattan, Brooklyn wait for Twitter clues

After hitting Central Park, 19 envelopes are in BK.

BROOKLYN UPDATE NO. 2: We’ve narrowed down a spot in Prospect Park. “BROOKLYN: Prospect Park by 15 subway entrance. The little path along southwest side of prospect park rd,” @HiddenCash tweeted. It looks like these envelopes also contain $50 and a Lady Liberty silver dollar coin each.

BROOKLYN UPDATE: At 12:21 p.m. Saturday, @HiddenCash tweeted that 19 envelopes are hidden in Brooklyn along a tree-lined trail, pictured above, in Prospect Park. The amount of money inside each envelope has not been announced.

MANHATTAN UPDATE NO. 2: Happy New Yorkers have been tweeting photos of themselves, cash in hand, but there’s still money to be found. “NYC: I believe the majority of envelopes around the pond as of now have NOT been found. Get there ASAP!” @HiddenCash tweeted just before 11 a.m. Saturday.

MANHATTAN UPDATE: The cash is in Central park! Forty envelopes are hidden, with a $50 bill and silver dollar in each. “NYC: Every envelope has a silver dollar (Liberty) and $50 bill (Grant). 40 in all. Go!,” @HiddenCash tweeted, along with a photo from the drop, right. “Look around The Pond! (59th+5th),” @HiddenCash added. “Many there. If you can make it within an hour, it’s not too late! Go!”

UPDATE: It looks like Hidden Cash is headed to Manhattan first. “Is NYC awake yet? Ready for next clue? Don’t want to ruin your weekend, but early bird gets the worm. Brooklyn, you can go back to sleep,” @HiddenCash tweeted. “Manhattan location at 10 AM EST.”

Jason Buzi, the formerly anonymous California real estate investor who made waves when he started playing cash scavenger hunt games on the West Coast, is bringing the game to Manhattan and Brooklyn Saturday– and he’s already dropped his first clue.

Anyone interested in free money (who isn’t?) is encouraged to follow @HiddenCash on Twitter, where Buzi drops clues to the cash’s whereabouts throughout the day.

After a frenzied scene in Burbank, California, Buzi told the Huffington Post he’s “tried to keep the events in open spaces like parks or the beach.” 

We still don’t know what time he will drop cash in NYC, and Buzi tweeted that his first hint is just “about what you can find.” Here it is: “NYC 1st drop 1st clue: Mr. Grant, 50, and Miss Liberty, 23, had a large and expensive outdoor wedding with many guests.

Good luck, New Yorkers!