How Trump will affect NYC economy, health care, civil rights, more

Donald Trump’s shocking election win has left New Yorkers on edge.

Will he follow through on promises to deport the undocumented immigrants living in the city, completely repeal the Affordable Care Act or take away women’s health rights? Will the reports of harassment against groups Trump insulted continue? Would he put his New York heritage aside and deprive the city of money needed for our trains, security and infrastructure?

amNewYork spoke with experts across various fields to see what the short and long term effects of a Trump presidency will be on the city. Many experts said the president-elect’s proposals lack details needed to make an accurate prediction, but they had confidence that New Yorkers would handle whatever comes our way.

“I don’t think it’s wise to panic. I say it’s wise to make a plan and be informed about options,” said Ted Henken, an associate professor of sociology at Baruch College.

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