Imagine: John Lennon would be 70 years old today; Yes, that’s 6 years past 64


Interviews and photos in Union Square by Jefferson Siegel

Question: John Lennon would have been 70 on Saturday.

If he were alive today, what do you think he’d be doing?

Julie Manis, age: “Younger than John Lennon would be.” Lives in Midtown. Occupation: sells custom shirts. Favorite Beatle: Ringo.

“Probably split from Yoko and have someone younger and hotter by now. Maybe give better advice to [son] Julian because his career hasn’t really gone anywhere. I bet he’d have a marijuana prescription for his arthritis and he’d have Lasik so he wouldn’t need glasses.”

Jean Cawley, 43, Queens, court clerk.

“He’d be doing something political like protesting the wars that are going on in the Middle East. He’d be doing something Paul Simon-ish.”