Kathryn Garcia secures endorsement from statewide environmental organization

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Former DSNY Commissioner and current Mayoral candidate Kathryn Garcia was also in attendance.
Photo by Dean Moses

Mayor hopeful Kathryn Garcia snagged an endorsement from the New York League of Conservation Voters (NYLCV).

The NYLCV is the state’s only non-partisan, statewide environmental organization that takes a pragmatic approach to fight for clean water, healthy air, renewable energy, and open space. The organization cites Garcia’s previous work as the former Commissioner of the Department of Sanitation as well as her proposals for future storms as part of the reason for their endorsement.

“Kathryn Garcia is a leader who won’t only talk about climate change but will act. She always made achieving Zero Waste her top priority as NYC Sanitation Commissioner,” said Julie Tighe, President of NYLCV. “Garcia spearheaded the City’s overhaul of the private carting industry and helped create a Commercial Waste Zone program that will improve air quality, decrease traffic congestion, reduce pollution, and create better working conditions for workers. She launched the largest composting program in the U.S., helped ban styrofoam, and piloted the first fully electric refuse truck. She also proposed a comprehensive resiliency plan that will protect all communities along our 500 miles of coastline from future storms. Kathryn Garcia is the champion we need in City Hall to fight the climate crisis.”

Garcia has racked up a handful of endorsements, including those from the Uniformed Sanitationmen’s Association Teamsters Local 831, SEIU Local 246 Auto Mechanics Union, Teamsters Local 813, The Sanitation Officers Association SEIU Local 444, Uniformed Sanitation Chiefs Association, as well as the New York Times and the Daily News and several elected officials.

“I am honored to have the endorsement of NYLCV. I want to thank NYCLV for their leadership on climate and for the shared values we hold to build a healthier, more livable New York City for everyone. This partnership is deeply personal and important to me as a career long climate change fighter,” said Garcia. “We share a steadfast dedication to fighting climate change for a better future for our children. I have been proud to work with NYLCV throughout my career to achieve some of the most transformative climate reforms in New York City, including banning #6 heating oil and styrofoam and ensuring that we put climate at the center of our policy decisions. When I’m mayor, together we will transform every sector of our economy to renewable energy on day one. My administration will tackle climate change on all fronts, working to achieve our goal of zero waste, building 150 million square feet of green infrastructure, and ensuring we protect all 520 miles of our coastline. We can’t afford to delay the resiliency investments our city needs. We need action now, and as mayor, I will get it done.”

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