NYPD chases down suspects after alleged ransom demand, attempted kidnapping

A kidnapped deliveryman was rescued after cops intercepted a meetup for a ransom payment and then chased the suspects down, police said Tuesday night.

The 32-year-old deliveryman  was taken by two suspects after he bumped into a parked car on Gates Avenue in Bushwick on Monday afternoon, police said.

The suspects allegedly told him they knew the owner of the car and demanded cash to pay for damages. But when he refused to hand over the money, police said they kidnapped him at gunpoint, forcing him into a white BMW.

The two suspects, Rondell Halley, 33, of Queens, and Francisco Jimenez, 24, of Brooklyn,  allegedly called the victim’s boss and demanded a ransom, arranging to meet the supervisor at a Chase Bank on the Upper West Side. But the supervisor called 911.

When the suspects arrived at the bank, Officer Dorca Sosa helped capture Halley, while Jimenez crashed his car into a building a block away. He then allegedly ran "through a school, through an alleyway, and up eight stories on a fire escape, where he was finally captured," according to the 20th Precinct, which wrote about the incident on its Facebook page.

Sgt. Sean Pallone and Officer Mark McCaffery arrested the second suspect on the 8th floor of the nearby building, according to the 20th Precinct. A .25 caliber pistol, heroin and cocaine were allegedly recovered from the suspect.

"Bad guys in jail? Yep. Anybody hurt? Nope. A gun off the streets? Yep. We’ll go ahead and label that ‘some damn fine police work,’" read the 20th Precinct’s Facebook post.

Halley and Jimenez were charged with kidnapping, criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminal possession of a weapon, and criminal possession of narcotics. Additionally, Halley was charged with two counts of reckless endangerment.