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Krishnas, funky bus, mariachi in musical melange

Hare Krishnas were getting a bit closer to nirvana in Washington Square Park at the Hare Krishna Festival. (Photo by Bob Krasner)

Music was in the air — including atop a bus and in the park — on Saturday. More specifically, a mariachi band teamed up with the roving Abracadabra bus in Union Square, and Hare Krishnas danced ecstatically to hypnotic beats in Washington Square Park at their Hare Krishna Festival. The mariachi band members were celebrating President Trump’s declaration that he was calling off his threatened tariff war with Mexico over immigration. Abracadabra, which also vibed for a while with the Krishnas in Washington Square, finished up on Avenue A at Tompkins Square Park. Although the groovin’ bus has been doing monthly jaunts around the Downtown area, including stops at the Whitney Museum, Washington Square and Tompkins Square, a band member said it’s a big production to put on and they may be taking a break for a little while.

A relieved mariachi band grooved with the Abracadabra bus crew at Union Square. (Photo by Bob Krasner)

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