Le Enken, sailor who landed at V.I.D.

Le Enken, who spent her recent years living in the Village, where she was active in Village Independent Democrats, died on Sept. 27, in San Francisco.

She had lived several years on W. 13th St., then a year and a half on 14th St., both times in the central Village area near Fifth Ave.

According to Frank Nervo, a friend and former V.I.D. president, Enken mentioned to him once that she had developed a software program, which resulted in her financial independence, allowing her to buy a yacht and travel the world for 15 years with a small crew.

At V.I.D., she was on the Executive Committee. She was known for being a determined collector of financial pledges for club dinners and fundraisers, as well as a dedicated petitioner, according to Nervo.

“Le chose the Village because, as she would say, ‘The Village is where the people are and where the action is,’” Nervo said in his remarks at V.I.D.’s meeting after Enken’s death. “She chose the V.I.D. for the very same reasons, and she sensed this is where she would find friends and acquaintances with similar interests and perspectives.”

More recently, after retiring, she had made fighting domestic violence — particularly concerning children — her issue. She received a degree in social work from New York University and became a caseworker, making unaccompanied, on-site inspections of alleged child abuse, often in dangerous neighborhoods.

Nervo said the only survivor he knows of is her son, Jules Feinman.