Letters to the Editor

College, combat connection

To The Editor:

Re “A streetcar named Pearl Harbor: Getting onboard” (notebook, by Jerry Tallmer, Dec. 22):

I love this account of Tallmer’s Dartmouth doings around the time of Pearl Harbor. Being a Dartmouth guy myself, with a father, Class of 1936, who served in North Africa and Europe, and having just written a World War II-oriented novel, all this is fascinating to me. Nice writing, too.

Dave Bergengren

Make crossing West St. safe

To The Editor:

As a result of the death of pedestrian Marilyn Feng on Feb. 13, 2009, the Battery Park City community was reminded of the unusually short time of traffic light intervals to cross treacherous West St. 

In response, the Department of Transportation increased the timing so one could cross without running a sprint. Recently, again owing to community concerns, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation provided a $1.2 million grant to station crossing guards at the intersections at Chambers St. and southward on weekdays during normal business hours only, and not inclusive of weekends. 

Without notifying the community, D.O.T. has once again restored the short time intervals to those that were in effect in February 2009. All you have to do is watch those hard-working guards urging people to walk faster as the lights quickly change. 

Did anyone responsible for restoring the shorter intervals know that we do not have 24/7 guards? And why was this been done without public notification and input? Let’s hope that Community Board 1 and our local representatives take to task those responsible, and restore intervals that allow all to safely walk — not run — across West St.

John Brindisi