Letters To The Editor: The Doris Corrigan Edition

Doris Corrigan, in a rare moment of relaxation. Photo by Pamela Wolff.

When Tom Met Doris

Re “Short in Stature, Doris Corrigan, 87, Was a Giant in Chelsea’s Political and Activist Arenas” (obituary, July 30, 2015):

To The Editor:

I first met Doris in the 1970s through her work in the West 20th Street Block Association — but I really got to know her when I was running for Democratic District Leader in 1982. We were partners in so many ways, whether as founding members (and at various times, officers) of the Chelsea Waterside Park Association, through our work to develop and secure the Chelsea Plan, or the time I told Doris that the City was making daffodil bulbs available, free, for block associations to plant. She not only got them and planted them on 20th Street, but she got the other block associations in the neighborhood to do the same. (Notice that I didn’t plant any bulbs myself, but I continue to enjoy the beauty when they come up every spring.)

I was fortunate to serve as co-leader with Doris when she was elected Female District Leader in 1987. Doris was always a tremendous community activist and political leader — both as an advocate for causes and candidates she believed in, and as a technical expert who made sure the Democratic Party in Chelsea functioned seamlessly.

Selfless, committed, fiery when necessary, energetic, thoughtful, a leader by example — that was our Doris. Her passing is a tremendous loss to Chelsea, the entire 75th Assembly District and, personally, for me. I have no doubt that she is organizing her angel colleagues in heaven.

Tom Duane

Former New York State Senator


The Dynamic and Generous Doris

To The Editor:

I met Doris in 1988 when I started volunteering on Tom’s then-nascent first campaign for City Council. Doris was in her second year as Democratic District Leader and in full throttle as a driving force in Chelsea. She was a mentor to me when I become Tom’s volunteer coordinator on that campaign, and I had many other opportunities to work with Doris on politics and policy over the years. I am grateful that I was able to help Tom Schuler in caring for her in recent years, as her memory first began to falter and then completely slipped away. She made an indelible imprint on our neighborhood, and I will always remember her as a dynamic leader and generous friend.

Laura Morrision

Former Chief of Staff to New York State Senator Brad Hoylman and former NY State Senator Tom Duane


Feedback from Facebook

Doris Corrigan was one of the first people I met here in Chelsea some 38 years ago. She seemed to be at every meeting I attended, and I know she was involved in a whole lot more! Must have gone to a meeting four nights a week for decades! Doris had an immeasurably positive impact on Chelsea and its surrounding communities. Her legacy will live on. So happy I saw her at the holiday party last year, where some thoughtful person had brought a birthday cake for her. Hard to imagine Chelsea without Doris Corrigan. You were cherished Doris, and will be missed by your friends and your beloved neighborhood. Chelsea is shedding a tear today. Peace for all eternity to you.

Dianna Maeurer

CRDC member


Leave your mark where others can only dream of going…that was our Doris — for many years the President of Chelsea Reform Democratic Club, our District Leader and State Committeewoman. Small in size, but a giant of a woman, Doris, the trailblazer, will be sorely missed. While I came to know Doris only later in her life, her ability to mentor effective District Leaders, such as Tom Schuler and Mary Dorman, lives on, as I follow in their footsteps as Female District Leader of Chelsea. She is a legend!

Sylvia E. Di Pietro

Democratic District Leader, 75th AD, Part A


Doris was not only a true Democrat, but also a decent human being. She opened her home to the NYS Democratic Party State Committee Manhattan Reform Caucus for meetings, where important resolutions were drafted and many reforms were made that impact our Party’s platform and rules. She was unique.

Maria Luna

Democratic State Committeewoman and District Leader, 71st AD