Letters to The Editor, Week of Jan. 3, 2018

Letters to The Editor, Week of Jan. 3, 2018

Landlord always wins

To The Editor:

Re “At last, small business bill has a champion” (talking point, by Sharon Woolums, Dec. 20):

Small businesses desperately need rights — especially during the lease-renewal process.

We at RedEye Coffee just got booted out by our landlord, another small business who was subleasing space to us. Subleases are extremely common in New York City because they are actually affordable. During lease negotiations, our landlord tried to increase the rent by 20 percent. We did our best to fight back, even soliciting the help of the community, which supported us, but in the end, the landlord always wins.

All the local politicians talk about supporting small businesses, but they never do what really needs to be done — because, if they did, the Real Estate Board of New York would run another candidate against them.

But times are changing and the public is getting more and more outraged when their favorite businesses close: Cornelia Street Cafe, Tortilla Flats, Coffee Shop and now in Clinton/Hells Kitchen, RedEye Coffee. And they know someone is to blame.

When will the politicians see that it is actually in their interest to be on the side of the people?

Marni Halasa


The pictures don’t lie

To The Editor:

Re “A new chapter for public libraries has watchdog growling” (news article, thevillager.com, Dec. 27):

We love the quote: “A library spokesperson said there were never plans for a wine bar or any alcohol to be served at Schwarzman… .”


See the pictures we put up at Citizens Defending Libraries by Googling: “Article In The Villager On What’s Happening To NYC Libraries Featuring Citizens Defending Libraries – Some Contradictions Are Picture Perfect.”

Michael D.D. White
White is co-founder, Citizens Defending Libraries


For your information

To The Editor:

Re “A new chapter for public libraries has watchdog growling” (news article, thevillager.com, Dec. 27):

The New York Public Library C.O.O., Iris Weinshall, is also known as Mrs. Chuck Schumer.

Michael Conway


A natural disaster

To The Editor:

Re “Flood of concerns over E. Side resiliency redo” (news article, Dec. 13):

The new plan seems like it was designed by people who observed the riverfront using Google Maps only. Eight feet of fill will extirpate all biodiversity in the East River Park: Our (very preliminary) list includes more than 300 species, from spring ephemerals to trees, pollinators and birds.

Naturalists do not object to sharing the park with athletes, but the athletic fields should not be driving all decisions about the East River Park’s future.

Amy Berkov


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