Letters to The Editor, Week of June 27, 2019

Letters to The Editor, Week of Jan. 3, 2018

Vaxx vote outrage

To The Editor:

I suspect that after all these years of his being only a political employee, state Senator Richard Gottfried thinks he can vote against vaccination and no one will notice or care. Wrong.

Assemblymember Richard Gottfried voted against the bill to remove religious exemptions for vaccinations. The politician told WNYC before the vote, “I’m wrestling with it. I have always been a very strong proponent of maximizing vaccination. … But I’m concerned about taking away that First Amendment protection” of religious freedoms.

Only really ignorant people vote against vaccinating children when the facts are that they are way, way safer being vaccinated than being left open to infections and infecting others. And Gottfried is chairperson of the Assembly Committee on Health.

Won’t someone progressive run against Gottfried, who has never had a job other than being on the public dole? There must be someone!

Carolynn R. Meinhardt


Pleading for justice

To The Editor:

Re “Save our bus loop” (op-ed, by Barbara Ruether, June 20):

It’s so disturbing that residents who rely on this bus for transport, whether for day-to-day travel, work or medical appointments, have to plead for justice in the local paper. But at least we do have The Villager to be an important place for getting out the plea, so eloquently stated by Barbara Ruether.

Electeds, please fight to preserve the 14A Abington bus loop. The people are counting on you.

Alison Greenberg


Beyond biomethane

To The Editor:

Re “M.T.A. drive for renewable-gas buses” (news article, June 20):
It’s a potential positive resource but the hazards of biomethane do need tending to, especially since all pipelines are prone to leakage and methane is quite problematic, in that regard.

Focus on the end use, not just the fuel input. It’s similar to concerns with electric vehicles, where estimated benefits often don’t take the cleanliness of the electric-supply grid into account. And don’t neglect biodiesel, not from Midwest-cropped soybeans, but from W.V.O. (waste vegetable oil), which major urban areas generate in abundance. Heating boilers and vehicles can be modified to run on 100-percent BD (biodiesel), with controlled storage and distribution obviating much of the greenhouse gases.

John Nettleton


Loved Green dearly

To The Editor:

Re “Ben Green, 73, C.B. 2 chair, activist” (obituary, June 13):
Thank you so much for the full obituary of the wonderful Ben Green. I didn’t know, and it softened the blow to read about his life; I loved him dearly, the sweet man.

Love the paper!

Cynthia Crane


Baldwin is hilarious

To The Editor:

Re “Baldwin gets serious at Judson” (news article, June 13):
Alec Baldwin is going to tell us about gentrification in the Village when he is part of the problem? The only thing more hilarious would be to have someone from N.Y.U. on the panel. … Oh.

Karen Kramer


Setting things straight

To The Editor:

Re “Woody Guthrie and the Fred Trump blues” (arts article, May 16) and “Times are a-changing’…for protest artists” (arts article, May 30):

In the first article, the writer states Bob Dylan got his start at the Gaslight Cafe. Wrong!

He first played at Cafe Wha? He played behind Fred Neil. And Bob often came into my restaurant with Fred to have a mug of coffee. He also later came with his manager Albert Grossman to watch the people playing electric before he went electric.

And, on one memorable evening, after I had closed down for the night, Bob spent some time on our piano working out a tune with John Sebastian. Lights out, place closed, just some light from the street outside. And I sat listening as still as a mouse to two great musicians.

And the second article is completely bogus! Your reporter neglects to mention that Woody Guthrie was a communist! And, as such, he was anti-landlord! Not to take away from Woody’s immense talent as a songwriter.

I knew Woody’s children, Nora an Arlo They were regulars at the Night Owl Cafe. Nora went out with one of the musicians in the band The Strangers in 1965.

So we have heard that Woody was slow in paying his bills. Fred Trump, on the other hand, had thousands of tenants. This article is a cheap shot at our president — and as a left-leaning paper, it is as expected!

Joseph Marra


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