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Letters to The Editor, Week of Jan. 3, 2018

Fighting mad about Hillary

To The Editor:
Re “Ready, steady…announce!” (Scoopy’s Notebook, April 9):

Gore Vidal wryly called our republic the United States of Amnesia. Clearly, the glamorous and blindly ambitious District Leader Jennifer Rajkumar demonstrates her own memory loss, both locally and globally, by hosting an estrogen-fueled event for Over-the-Hillary Clinton. 

In 2006 when Senator Clinton was running for re-election, the Downtown Independent Democrats did not endorse the carpetbagger, due to her siding with the demented “I’m a War President” Bush and voting “yes,” alongside 48 Republican senators, for the Iraq War resolution.

Any truly critically thinking person, not working for The New York Times, knew Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, never attacked the U.S. and possessed no weapons of mass destruction. One needn’t have been a prophet to foresee that Hussein’s elimination would only return Iraq to seventh-century religious feudalism that has since spawned the ISIS crisis.

Supporting Clinton is an endorsement of this immoral without-end war, which has killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Americans, cost trillions of dollars and bankrupted our country, while enriching Halliburton and the military industrial complex.

Only a sterilized and obsequious corporate media, backed by craven Democratic Party hacks, maintains Hillary’s credibility and image of experience and inevitability.
Carl Rosenstein

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