Limbaugh: CBS ‘declared war on the heartland’ with Colbert pick

Conservatives are less than thrilled about Stephen Colbert’s 2015 takeover of the “Late Show,” the announcement of which provoked Rush Limbaugh to say, “CBS has just declared war on the heartland of America.”

On his radio show Thursday Limbaugh said that comedy will be a public assault on “traditional American values” rather than a covert assault, as it has been.

“What this hire means is a redefinition of what is funny and a redefinition of what is comedy,” Limbaugh said. “They’re blowing up the 11:30 format under the guise that the world’s changing. And people don’t want the kind of comedy that Carson gave us, or even Letterman — they don’t want that anymore.”

On Tuesday, two days before the announcement, Bill O’Reilly blasted Colbert, calling him a “deceiver,” “one of the biggest mouthpieces for the progressive movement” and a “darling for the far-left Internet which rhapsodizes over him.”

Colbert — who based his “Colbert Report” persona to some degree on O’Reilly had mocked the Fox News host’s earlier comments that complete equality in the world is really “an opium-laced dream.”

“Maybe Colbert should take a look at China and the former Soviet Union to see just how the imposition of equality works out,” O’Reilly shot back.

In a statement on Thursday, O’Reilly joked to say was, “I hope Colbert will consider me for the Ed McMahon spot.”