Mayor issues guidelines on Halloween during pandemic in New York City

Lighted Halloween Jack o Lantern Pumpkin Wearing Covid PPE Mask On Steps At Night
Photo via Getty Images

Like everything during the pandemic, Halloween is going to look different this year. 

New York City families can only go trick-or-treating outdoors this Halloween, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Wednesday. And all children wearing costume masks should still cover their nose and mouths with a cloth face covering. 

“Halloween is happening in New York City and Halloween will be safe in New York City,” de Blasio said. “As with everything we have experienced this year, we understand that it’s not business as usual. But it can go on and it can be fun and it can be exciting for our youngest New Yorkers.” 

Mayor de Blasio advised New Yorkers to forgo indoor Halloween parties or get-togethers to instead opt for small group activities while staying six feet apart. New Yorkers should also leave candy for trick-or-treaters in bowls outside on stoops instead of placing treats directly into buckets or bags. 

“So, real common-sense things,” de Blasio added. “Let’s make it safe though–outdoors and safe.”