Meet the NYPD officers who helped deliver a baby in Queens


It is never just another day on the job for the NYPD.

Police officers are often heralded for running headfirst into danger at a moment’s notice in order to save lives. However, it can be just as terrifying to bring in new lives.

A Queens mom-to-be and three officers from the 103rd Precinct in Jamaica had one thing in common on Jan. 11: they all didn’t think they would be together as a newborn was brought into the world.

“It was definitely not the scene I expected—I thought it was going to make it to the hospital. EMS did not even arrive, they were still on the phone,” Sade James told amNewYork Metro, remembering the moment her baby was born inside her home on 165th Street at around 1 p.m. Wednesday.

From left to right: Police Officers Kevin Kelland, Christian Mele, and Justin Rodriguez. Photo by Dean Moses

An ambulance may not have shown up on time but Police Officers Christian Mele, Justin Rodriguez, and Kevin Kelland did. The house was overflowing with frantic family members and the trio had never delivered a baby before, but they say they kept calm and let their training kick in.

“As I came around the corner to make contact with her the head of the child was already visible. I immediately called our dispatcher to say rush the ambulance, realizing the ambulance wasn’t gonna get there in time, I started putting on gloves,” Officer Kelland said. “All three of us have prior medical training, both before the job and in the academy, as far as delivering a child. Approximately four minutes after being on scene, the baby’s head fully presented and maybe a minute or two after that. The entire baby was delivered, healthy.”

The cops helped calm family members and instructed James on her breathing while also helping deliver the boy.

“There was a lot of screaming with family, but we wanted to reassure them that everything was going to be okay, especially with the mom,” Officer Rodriguez said.

Both James and the three officers told amNewYork Metro that the experience has created an unbreakable bond between them, with Officer Mele stating that he plans on visiting the baby for future birthdays.

“She [James] was extremely gracious. When we went to the hospital, the whole family was there and smiling; they were happy and it was really nice,” Officer Mele said.

James named her little boy Syre and will remain in the hospital for about a week. While the birth was not what she envisioned she says she is extremely grateful to all three officers and even states that her views on the police have changed since they helped bring Syre into the world.

“Officers usually get something negative attached to their names, but I see them as superheroes. They were very supportive,” James said.