Molten copper over McDonald’s Big Mac video might turn your stomach

A new viral video might make you think twice before ordering a Big Mac at McDonald’s.

The video posted to YouTube on March 10 shows molten copper being poured over the restaurant chain’s signature burger.

What happens — or doesn’t happen — next might make your stomach turn, as the copper splashes off the bun like water on an umbrella.

The 3-minute video shows the experimenter take the burger apart layer by layer as he pours the molten liquid — heated to 1,984 degrees according to the YouTube channel — onto the patty, pickles, lettuce and cheese.

In the end, most of the ingredients are charred, but still intact. The pickles, however, looked like they were plucked straight out of a jar, showing the molten copper is no match.

Commenters on YouTube were both amused and disgusted by the video.

“Is it weird if I still want to eat that?” commenter sufi wrote.

“That’s the first time a McDonald’s patty has been in contact with a flame,” commenter dallinj1 wrote.

The YouTube channel Tito4re, which posted the video, said McDonald’s fries would be next.