National Rifle Association criticized for posting photo of NY lawmakers surrounded by bullets

The NRA is calling on gun owners to oppose the lawmakers’ ammo-restriction legislation.

The National Rifle Association is taking on two New York lawmakers with a campaign that includes a photo of their images surrounded by bullets. 

State Sen. Roxanne Persaud and Assemb. Jo Anne Simon, both Brooklyn Democrats, have denounced the campaign by the NRA, which called on New York gun owners to put pressure on the lawmakers to drop their backing of legislation that would limit ammunition purchases. 

“The photo [the NRA] released clearly has the potential to cause harm,” wrote Persaud in an editorial in the New York Daily News. “Given the charged rhetoric and heightened emotions regarding the gun safety issue, it is irresponsible for the NRA to express their sentiments in such a hostile manner.”

Simon responded on Twitter where the image was tweeted by the NRA: “This is truly disgusting! I hope the NRA is responsible enough to remove this tweet.” 

The NRA’s tweet linked to a post on their  magazine website, America’s 1st Freedom,  with the headline, “Ban Antics in New York.” The article claims the legislation would “make it nearly impossible for anyone to buy ammunition.” 

“Anti-gun lawmakers in Albany,” the article argues, “will not stop until the Second Amendment is completely dismantled.” 

The legislation would limit the amount of ammo a gun owner can purchase within a 90-day period. 

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