New Year’s Eve NYC weather: Chilly, but not extremely cold, forecasters say

Forget the earmuffs if you’re heading to Times Square for the big New Year’s Eve bash. 

Forecasters say by the time the ball drops, the temperature will make it feel like winter but it won’t be exceptionally cold. 

The high on New Year’s Eve will be around 50 degrees in the city, but the temperature will drop to about 40 degrees by midnight, meteorologist Faye Barthold of the National Weather Service said Wednesday. Temperatures will then continue to drop into the mid 30s. The skies will be partly cloudy. 

“It will be appropriately chilly,” she said, “but nothing extreme on the cold side.” 

Those looking to join in the annual Coney Island New Year’s Day swim can also expect fairly mild temperatures. 

Bartholdi said the high is expected to be around 50 degrees. “It should be mostly sunny,” she added.