New York Post reporter at Bronx Zoo gets too close to red pandas; man tries to climb fence near snow leopards, NYPD says

A New York Post reporter was caught trying to get too close to the red panda enclosure at the Bronx Zoo over the weekend, just a day after a man was kicked out of the park for climbing the fence by the snow leopards, police said Monday.

In the first incident, a 56-year-old man tried to scale the fence by the big cats on Friday and was spotted by another guest. The man walked away and was eventually found in another part of the zoo.

He had his zoo season pass revoked, police said, and was escorted out.

The next day, the 37-year-old reporter was captured getting too close to the back of the nearby (and less toothy) red panda enclosure.

The woman was issued a criminal summons for trespassing, police said.

“While covering the story about the man who tried to jump into the snow leopard exhibit, she inadvertently crossed a strip of grass that was not clearly labeled,” a New York Post spokeswoman said in an email.

A Bronx Zoo spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Monday.