NYC weather: Some rain, mild temperatures expected this week, meteorologist says

Will Thursday beat a Central Park high?

Relax, already!

It should be a fairly good week weather-wise, according to AccuWeather senior meteorologist Dave Dombek.

Tuesday may well be NYC’s chilliest day, with a low of 40 degrees and a high of 46, as sunshine surrenders to clouds — which may bestow some light showers at night.

Sprinkles may continue into Wednesday, which will reach a high of 57 as clouds break up and disperse in light south to southwest winds of 6 to 12 miles per hour. Overnight temps will sink only as low as 48 degrees or so, Dombek said.

Thursday may be a day for the record books. AccuWeather predicts a high of 68 — “the record high in Central Park is 70 degrees, set in 1985,” Dombek noted. While the forecast could change, there is “always that chance you could tie or break the record” when a forecast high comes so close to the historical one, Dombek said. The day — with a projected low of 52 — will probably be dry with a mix of clouds and sun, and breezes of no more than 14 miles per hour.

Clouds and some showers are expected Friday, when temps will be between 52 and 58 degrees, with winds of 6 to 12 miles per hour, Dombek said.

And the weekend?

“That’s a split decision,” said Dombek. Saturday might be wet, with a range from 36 to 58 degrees. That’s because a “beefier system will be coming through” as NYC gets sideswiped from a Midwest storm heading up to eastern Canada. Skies might be sunnier by Sunday, though the air could be cooler, with temps from 32 to 46 degrees.

Temps for February so far have been running about 3.4 degrees above the 30-year average for the same period: 37.8 versus 34.4 degrees average through Feb. 19.

February precipitation is just slightly below normal — 1.94 inches total compared with an average of 2.05 inches. The storm earlier this month dumped 9.4 inches of snow, but the ratio of snow inches to water inches is about 10 to one, Dombek explained.

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