Pace announces symposium

Pace University will host a symposium on September 8 focusing on the impact of news images that followed 9/11.

“The subtle roles of news photography in public tragedies are too easy to take for granted,” said Stephen Friedman, Pace’s president, in a statement. “We hope the exhibition and symposium will make all of us more aware of the brave skills of the people with the cameras, and the uses to which their work is put.”

On the same night, the university will host an opening reception for the photography exhibition, “Witness to Tragedy and Recovery.” The Bolivar Arellano Gallery will curate the exhibition, which will include photographs by more than 30 visual journalists and displays on giant screens.

Michelle Charlesworth, a WABC-TV journalist who covered the events from street level, will moderate the symposium, titled “How Media Images of Disaster are Shaped — and Shape Us.” Aaron Brown, the CNN anchor during the attack, will deliver a keynote address.

For more information, visit www.pace.edu/witness.