BLACKWELL AT THE DUPLEX Performer Toby Blackwell will perform his new show, “Bitter,” at the Duplex on Fridays through October 24 at 7 p.m. “He’s been a gay Naval officer…..a cheesy theme park singer…..a wannabe Survivor contestant…..and through it all, he has remained…….BITTER.” The Duplex is at 61 Christopher St.; 212-255-5438.

DIXON PLACE, 258 Bowery, 219-0736: Various shows & solo performances throughout the week, call for information.

HERE CAFE, 145 Sixth Ave., 647-0202: Call for numerous shows & performance pieces now being performed.

RAVEN CAFÉ, 194 Ave. A, 529-4712: Wed.–Open stage, sign up 6:30 p.m., free, one drink min.

SURF REALITY, 172 Allen St., 2nd fl., 673-4182: Numerous performances throughout the week, call for more information.