Petition to fire NYPD Officer Ruben Cuesta, who fatally shot Yvonne Rosado’s dog in Bronx, gains over 150,000 signatures

Officer Ruben Cuesta shot Yvonne Rosado’s pit bull, Spike, in the Bronx in February.

More than 156,000 people have signed a petition to fire the NYPD officer who fatally shot a pit bull who had escaped into the hallway of his Bronx apartment building.

Officer Ruben Cuesta was responding to a domestic violence call at about 5:30 a.m. on Feb. 13 inside the building when a door was opened and the dog, Spike, came out.

He backed up, with his gun held out, and started backing down the stairs. It was then that Cuesta fired at Yvonne Rosado’s dog, as the whole incident was captured on surveillance video.

Following the shooting, the video shows a woman crouched over Spike, before she gets up and runs down the stairs toward the officers. She starts hitting them and the officers restrain her.

The petition, on Care2.com, calls for Cuesta to be fired.

The incident is being reviewed by the NYPD’s Force Investigations Division. Their findings will be subject to a Firearms Discharge Review Board.

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