Police Blotter

Home invasion

Two men gained entrance to an apartment at 67 Reade St. at 8:40 p.m. Tues., Oct. 21 by saying they were making a delivery. But once inside the intruders grappled with a woman, 27, and snatched her cell phone and fought with a man, 44, who sustained a broken tooth, police said. The invaders fled without taking anything else but police found one suspect hiding under the stairs of the building. Samuel Ramos, Jr., 27, of Brooklyn, was charged with robbery and burglary.

Warren St. ruckus

A Tribeca resident got into an argument with another patron in Racoon Lodge, 59 Warren St., shortly after 4 a.m. Sat., Oct. 18 and when they took the dispute outside, his adversary punched him in the face and grabbed his cell phone, police said. The suspect, described as a white man, 5’6” and bald, fled south on W. Broadway with the victim in pursuit but was last seen turning on Murray St. toward Church St.

Robbed at A.T.M.

A stranger approached a woman, 26, on a Financial District street at 4:45 p.m. Tues., Oct. 14, threatened her and led her to a Citibank A.T.M. at 120 Broadway where he forced her to withdraw $500, police said. The suspect, described as a black man, about 5’11” and 200 lbs., with “unusual teeth,” told the woman, “Don’t be stupid. Just give me the money,” and fled with the $500, police said.

Soho lounge burglary

A burglar entered the Cub Room, 131 Sullivan St. at Prince St. through a kitchen window sometime after the 11 p.m. closing on Sun., Oct 12, took $400 from a cash drawer behind the bar, then went downstairs and took a bottle each of Champagne, wine and liqueur, plus a chef’s knife, police said.

Delancey bank robbery

A tall heavy-set man wearing a hooded sweatshirt walked into the Washington Mutual bank branch at 104 Delancey St. near Ludlow St. on Tuesday morning Oct. 7, pulled a gun on a teller and demanded money, police said. The robber fled with an unspecified amount of cash.

Stealing spree

Police arrested Rakim Smart, 16, on Mon., Oct. 13 and charged him with a series of larcenies that began on the morning of July 3 in an office building on Spring St., near Crosby St. when he took an unattended bag from an office where his mother was being interviewed for a job, according to charges filed by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. The youth, a Bronx resident, is also charged with stealing items from a doctor’s waiting room on E. 69th St. on Sept. 8 and at another doctor’s waiting room on Park Ave. at E. 86th St. on Oct. 1. He is to appear in court on Nov. 12.

Auto burglaries

Police arrested Andre Bethea, 43, shortly after 2 a.m. of Fri. Oct. 18 and charged him with breaking the rear window of a car parked at Wooster and Prince Sts. and stealing a laptop computer and an iPod. Police say they found the stolen items in Bethea’s possession and also charged him with resisting arrest for punching one of the arresting officers.

A Bronx woman who parked her car in front of 119 Mercer St. at 10:30 p.m. Sat., Oct. 11 came back 15 minutes later and discovered the rear passenger side window broken and her bag with nine credit cards and $450 in cash was gone.

Plea in student murder

Jeromie Cancel, 22, entered a mandatory not-guilty plea on Mon., Oct. 20 to the Aug. 30 strangling murder of Kevin Pravia, 19, an honors student at Pace University, in the victim’s Chelsea apartment. Cancel was arrested after his father called police and told them that the suspect bragged to him about the murder. The Manhattan District Attorney on Monday released Cancel’s confession made to police on the day of his arrest about how he garroted the victim, who was in a drunken sleep, with an electrical cord.

Police say Pravia was last seen near campus by the Brooklyn Bridge before he met Cancel in Union Square.

Cars gone

A Brooklyn man who parked his car on the northeast corner of Park Pl. and Broadway at 10:20 a.m. Mon., Oct. 20, returned a half hour later and found it was gone. A Titusville, N.J. man who parked his car in the Edison Parking lot at 272 Spring St. at 10:15 a.m. Fri., Oct. 10 returned 20 minutes later and discovered it was stolen, police said.

Dumbbell drop

A man walking on the Battery Park City esplanade on Sunday morning, Oct. 12 was struck in the leg by a part of a gym dumbbell that was apparently thrown or fell from a window in Gateway Plaza, according to the B.P.C. Park Enforcement Patrol. The victim refused medical attention.

Pedestrian hit

A pedestrian was struck by a car on South End Ave. around 9:45 a.m. Sat., Oct. 18 and sustained head injuries, according to the Battery Park City Park Enforcement Patrol. The victim was taken to New York Downtown Hospital in stable condition.

Canal St. crimes

A visitor from Mexico City told police she was shopping on Canal St. on Saturday afternoon Oct. 18 when an unknown thief pushed her and took her bag from her hand in front of 310 Canal St. opposite Mercer St.

A visitor from France told police she was shopping on Canal St. on Thursday evening Oct. 16 and had an armful of packages when she was bumped someplace between Broadway and Sixth Ave. She did not discover that her bag, with her passport, credit cards, earrings and necklace, had been stolen until she stopped for dinner at Tribeca Grill on Greenwich St.

Assault summons

Jason Littrell, 27, was issued a desk appearance ticket for punching a stranger and pushing him to the ground at 4 a.m. Sun., Oct. 19 on Broome and Kenmare Sts. The suspect was freed pending a Nov. 18 court appearance.

Samba smash

A Bordentown, N.J. man got into an argument at S.O.B., the club at 200 Varick St., around 2 a.m. Sat., Oct. 18 with another patron who smashed him in the face with a glass, police said. Employees at the club tried to hold the suspect but he broke away and fled.

— Albert Amateau