Police blotter


City Hall arrest

Police arrested Peter Concepcion, 48, of 680 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn at 1 p.m. Fri. Sept. 16 when he passed the screening booth in front of City Hall carrying an imitation pistol, police said. The suspect, who was also carrying false identification, turned over the fake gun on demand without further incident, police said. He was charged with illegal possession of the imitation gun and the false ID.

Battery floater

The police harbor unit retrieved the body of an unidentified man floating off the Circle Line’s Slip 4 in Battery Park at 9 a.m. Sat. Sept. 24. The Medical Examiner’s office is investigating the cause of death.

Belly dancer sits

Sandra Catena, 47, a belly dancer and teacher of belly dancing, received a summons on Sat. Sept. 24 for sitting, unaccompanied by a child, in Rivington Playground at Attorney St., according to police.

Catena told the Daily News that two cops from the Fifth Precinct came up to her, asked her if she was accompanied by a child and then informed her that she was breaking the law. Catena said she didn’t see the small sign that said that adults were not allowed except in the company of a child.

She said that one officer at the Pitt St. station told her that the judge would likely throw the case out at her November court appearance.

—Albert Amateau

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