Police Blotter: Week of July 14, 2016


A dastardly couple snatched $1,850 worth of snazzy designer shoes from a Greene St. retailer on July 6.

The victim told police he saw the duo, a man and a woman, waltz into the store between Spring and Prince Sts. at 6 p.m., when they proceeded to stuff a brown paper bag full of Jimmy Choo kicks.


Some scoundrel stole a man’s wallet while he was enjoying a massage at a Broome St. spa on July 5.

The victim told police he had placed his wallet in one of his shoes and had laid down for a nice, long massage at the parlor between Sullivan and Thompson Sts. at 9:30 p.m. When his hour of bliss was over, the man realized his shoes were empty and his wallet was gone, cops said.


A stylish thief picked out a new wardrobe for himself from a Broadway retailer on July 8, and then left with his ladyfriend without paying, police say.

The victim told police that he spotted the duo inside the store between E. Houston and Prince Sts. at 3:30 p.m., when he saw the couple grab $1,515 worth of fancy threads and flee.


A sticky-fingered thief ripped off two employees of a Broome St. restaurant on July 6, according to cops.

The victims told police that they left their personal items inside the stockroom of the eatery located between Sullivan and Thompson Sts. at 8:07 p.m., and returned later to find $860 worth of stuff missing, including a $340 pair of sunglasses and $150 worth of clothes.


A thief drove off with a man’s Audi that he parked along Thomas St. on July 5.

The victim told police he left his $60,000 Audi S5 Coupe at Church St. and Broadway at 9 p.m., and returned later to find an empty spot where his car had been.


A crook rode away with a man’s Ducati motorcycle that he left parked along Charlton St. on July 6.

The victim told police that he left his $15,000 sports bike near Greenwich St. at 4:30 p.m., and returned at 11:45 that evening to find he was short one Italian speedster.


A thief filched a woman’s wallet from her purse while she was making merry at a West Broadway watering hole on July 9.

The victim told police she was enjoying a few morning libations at the bar between Watts and Grand Sts. at 10:30 a.m., and realized a few hours later that her purse had been pilfered. She later got a call from her bank notifying her of two bogus charges on her card totaling $20, cops said.


Two pint-sized crooks swiped a cellphone from a man’s hands while he was using it on State St. on July 10.

The victim told police that he was yapping on his iPhone near Battery Pl., when the teen terrors ran up, snagged it, and fled.


A 35-year-old man was arrested for allegedly beating and robbing a man on Nassau St. on July 9, police say.

The victim told police he was near Liberty St. at 2:50 p.m., when a man allegedly slugged him the face and then assailed him with a flurry of kicks, before grabbing his $200 glasses and $25 calculator.

— By Colin Mixson