Police Blotter: Week of July 28, 2016


A thirsty thief ransacked a West Broadway liquor store on July 19, making off with a whopping $11,799 worth of booze.

An employee told police that the crook wormed his way into booze emporium between West Houston and Prince Sts. sometime after 8 p.m. and busted into the cellar, which he then ransacked for ritzy refreshments.

All in all, the crook nabbed 36 cases and three bottles of luxurious libations, including Clicquot, La Grande, Moet Vintage, Perrier Joet, Moet Rose, and Mionetto Champagne, along with a healthy helping of Grey Goose vodka, according to police.

A rep for the store went on to say that several contractors have access to the premises, but not the ransacked storage area, where workers found a broken lock after it was pillaged.


A cleaner sent through the online Handy service allegedly performed her services a little too well inside a Beaver St. apartment on July 18 and cleaned out the client’s closet, taking two handbags worth $7,448.

The victim told police that the cleaner showed up at her place between Pearl and Hanover Sts. at 10 a.m., when she asked the woman to organize her wardrobe closet. After the cleaner took off, however, the victim realized that her designer Chanel boy bag and limited edition Prada purse were nowhere to be seen, police said.


A burglar looted an Exchange Pl. office building on July 20, hauling off a fat cache of electronics worth $19,220.

The business owner told police that the thief snuck into his office building between Broad and Williams Sts. sometime after 12:30 a.m. — likely gaining access by way of an adjoining office though a wall left open by per unfinished renovation work — before prying open a locked door. Inside, the crook went straight for the gadgets, nabbing a Samsung Verizon tablet, a Mac Book Air, an Xbox One, and a Play Station 4, police said.


Cops busted a 16-year-old for allegedly assaulting a street vendor with her own wares on Sullivan St. on July 24.

The victim told police she had setup her table, laid out her goods, and was open for business near West Houston St. at 6:35 p.m., when the teen allegedly approached her, cursing and howling insults. She said the teen suspect then grabbed a necklace off the victim’s table and hurled it, striking the victim above her right eye, police said.


A sneaky snatcher looted some pricey electronics from a West Broadway eatery on July 22.

A rep for the restaurant told police that the culprit entered the diner between Franklin and White Sts. at 11 p.m., strolling unhindered through a rear entrance left open for deliveries. Inside, the crook proceeded to the hostess station, where she nabbed a $150 Amazon Kindle and a $500 iPad Mini, police said.


A boozy bandit with a taste for Hennessy snuck into a closed West Broadway watering hole and cleaned out the bar on July 12.

An employee told police that the thief let himself into the bar between Canal and Grand Sts. at 7 a.m., before grabbing a Samsung tablet and $250 worth of the fancy cognac.


A sticky fingered crook swiped a woman’s wallet from her purse right under her nose on Governors Island on July 10.

The victim told police she was enjoying the island park at around 8:15 p.m., when the she noticed her purse was light one wallet. The woman suspects she was the victim of a skilled thief, saying she hadn’t been jostled or bumped into in any way, cops said.



A burglar looted an Exchange Pl. office building on July 10, nabbing a decorative Japanese sword among other valuables.

An employee told police that the $1,600 worth of antique weaponry and electronics were intact when he left the company premises between William and Broad Sts. at 4 p.m. that day, but they were missing come start of business Monday. Upon investigating, detectives discovered a rear fire-escape window has closed, but  not locked, leading police to conclude that was where the thief had squirreled his way in, cops said.

— Colin Mixson