Police Blotter: Week of June 8, 2017


Cops arrested a 46-year-old man for allegedly looting the cab of a garbage truck parked on Fulton Street on June 3.

The victim told police he parked the commercial garbage truck between Nassau Street and Broadway to chat with some other construction guys at 10:15 am, and returned to the vehicle to grab some cigarettes when he found the suspect rummaging around inside.

“What the f— are you doing in my truck,” the victim shouted. “Get the f— out!”

The man was able to shoo off the suspect, and told police he then discovered his cigarettes and wallet were missing from the cab.

Fortunately, the suspect hadn’t gone far, and the victim found him in a coffee shop across the street, where he was able to retake his cigarettes, he told police. But the alleged thief had allegedly managed to hide the man’s wallet somewhere in the store, he told police, and it was not recovered when the suspect was arrested, cops said.



A thief stole more than $1,200 worth of acid-reflux medicine from a Broadway drug store on May 26.

An employee told police she was reviewing surveillance footage of the store between Murray Street and Park Place when she spotted the thief nab around about 40 boxes of Nexium and Prilosec at around 11 am.



A band of thieves nabbed nearly $5,500 worth of perfume from a Water Street clothing store on May 31.

An employee told police the crooks started ransacking the fragrance aisle of the store between John and Fulton streets at 2:35 pm, before dashing out with about 20 bottles of ritzy Abercrombie & Fitch perfumes.



Some wacko slashed a man in the Fulton Street subway station on June 1.

The victim told police he was arguing with the nut job inside the station near Nassau Street at 1:20 pm, when the man suddenly slashed his left arm.

The slasher fled, awhile paramedics rushed the victim to Presbyterian Hospital, cops said.



Thieves nabbed more than $16,000 worth of construction equipment from a South Street work site on May 29.

A security guard told police he noticed a broken pane of glass at the job site at Pier 17 at 11:05 am, and upon further investigation spotted a man in construction gear leaving the area with company property in hand.

The man fled upon seeing the guard, but when workers came back the next morning, they discovered a small fortune in tools and equipment were missing, according to police.

— Colin Mixson