Police Blotter, Week of March 13, 2014

A screen grab from a surveillance video provided by police, showing the alleged attempted-rape suspect inside the E. Sixth St. building on Dec. 28.

Drunken confession
Police arrested Jacob Barashick, 20, after he drunkenly told an officer that he stole and crashed a car on the night of March 7.

Around midnight on March 8, Barashick approached an officer inside a parking garage on E. Ninth St. near University Place, and “spontaneously uttered” that he had taken the 2001 BMW without its owner’s permission, according to the police report. He also reportedly told the officer that he’d slammed the vehicle into two parked cars before leaving it inside the garage.

Moments after his impromptu confession, Barashick tried to flee on foot, but was quickly stopped by a bystander and then apprehended by the officer, police said. By then, the cop had realized Barashick was extremely drunk, and then also discovered the man was carrying a small bag of alleged cocaine in his shirt pocket. Barashick later took a breath test that showed his blood-alcohol level to be .151 percent — nearly twice the legal limit.

He was charged with grand larceny of an automobile, reckless endangerment, driving while intoxicated and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Meatpacking mayhem
Security guards at a Meatpacking District bar tried to throw out a troublemaker early on March 8, but he responded by violently ripping a lamp off the wall, police said. 

A bouncer at 675 Bar, at 675 Hudson St., told cops he was ejecting Daniel Gonzalez, 20, from the premises around 2:45 a.m., when the man reportedly went ballistic. After tearing down the lamp, Gonzalez swung it into a crowd of people and hit another employee, though there were no injuries, police said. The problem patron then tried to run outside, but was detained by security until officers arrived and arrested him. He was found to be carrying a fake Venezuelan driver’s license, according to the police report.

Gonzalez was charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, harassment and possession of a forged instrument.

Idiotic ID try
Police arrested Joyce Diaz, 30, on March 7 after she allegedly tried to convince a bank teller that she was an Asian man, in order to fraudulently access the man’s bank account.

The employee for HSBC, at 354 Sixth Ave., told cops that Diaz walked in around 11 a.m. and tried to access the account by showing the 20-year-old man’s ID, as well as his credit / debit card. Diaz reportedly claimed she was the individual pictured on the ID and said she wanted to withdraw money, but she failed to answer some security questions correctly. Moments later, the teller called the

victim and learned he had lost his wallet in December, after which the teller contacted police, who apprehended Diaz at the scene.

Diaz was charged with identity theft, criminal possession of stolen property and petty larceny.

They won’t check there
A man arrested after attempting to pass off a fake check on March 5 later destroyed evidence by shoving another bogus check up his butt, police said.

Cops initially apprehended Joshua Garner, 19, after he allegedly entered a Bank of America A.T.M. area at 36 E. 14th St., and tried to convince people to pay him $710 cash for a clearly falsified check made out for that amount. Officers who responded to the scene also found that Garner was carrying a bag of alleged marijuana, after which they slapped the cuffs on and hauled him back to the Sixth Precinct.

Once they were inside the precinct, cops said they strip-searched Garner and saw him pull the second fake check out of his underwear, in an attempt to conceal it. But before they could take it away, he pushed the check up into his rectum, according to the report, preventing the officers from recovering it.

Garner was charged with criminal trespassing and unlawful possession of marijuana.

—  Sam Spokony