Police Blotter: Week of Nov. 17, 2016


ATTEMPTED MANSAUGHTER: Another subway shoving | A 54-year-old man was pushed onto the train tracks and into the path of an oncoming 2 train on the morning of Sun., Nov. 13. At about 7:30am, at the W. 18th St. and Seventh Ave. subway station, the man was drunkenly shoved down onto the rails by a 25-year-old New Jersey man. That man, Aaron Clary, was a friend of the victim, and had been drinking with him and a third, unidentified party all Saturday evening into the morning. Though Clary fled home to Jersey following the accident, he was arrested after surrendering himself to the Manhattan Transit Squad later in the day, according to New York Daily News. At his arraignment on Mon., Nov. 15, Clary was charged with attempted manslaughter, reckless endangerment, and assault.

This is the latest in a recent spat of similar incidents, including just last week, when we reported that Melanie Liverpool-Turner, a mentally ill Queens woman, was being charged with second-degree murder after intentionally pushing a stranger to her death in front of a 1 train. In this case, however, the man is expected to make a full recovery — thankfully, he was removed from under the train, only reportedly suffering from lacerations to his foot and hand, and a bruise on the head.

CRIMINAL POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: Pot of scold | Three unfortunate Irishmen definitely came up short when looking for some of that oft-cited luck in the early morning hours of Fri., Nov. 11. That’s when the trio of tourists — ages 34, 37, and 39 — drew the attention of an officer who observed them on the sidewalk of the 300 block of W. 21st St. (btw. Eighth & Ninth Aves.), drinking alcoholic beverages out in the open at 4:55am. However, it was the “controlled substance” they were reportedly using as well — in addition to the additional quantity of narcotics found on them on upon further inspection — that really landed them in hot water. Their eyes presumably were not smiling when they were arrested and loaded into the proverbial paddy wagon.

PETIT LARCENY: Ricky’s with the good hair curlers | At around 10:30am on Thurs., Nov. 10, an unidentified man entered a Ricky’s (267 W. 23rd St., btw. Seventh & Eighth Aves.), took two BaByliss hair curlers (estimated value, $400) from the shelf, and somehow hid them under his coat. According to the 27-year-old employee who reported the theft, the suspect then proceeded to walk past all of the store’s points of purchase, and leave the establishment. Video evidence of the incident, showing the suspect — who, in the strangest twist of all, was described as bald in the police report — is available.

PETIT LARCENY: Jail…just right | On Sat., Nov. 12, a 30-year-old woman was greeted with a situation more familiar to families of bears, when she entered her W. 43rd St apartment at 1:30am, and discovered a strange man, lying down and sleeping on her bed — Goldilocks-style. Startled, she immediately ran down to the lobby of the building to alert the doorman to the situation, who accompanied her back up to her room, where the man remained passed out on her bed. The two tried to wake, then move, the individual, all to no avail. It was at this point that the woman noticed that her passport was not on her coffee table where she remembered putting it, and, when checking her purse, discovered that $300 in cash was missing. She and the doorman took it upon themselves to investigate, and recovered the money from the slumbering suspect’s pants pocket; the passport was later discovered elsewhere in her purse. Eventually, the authorities showed up, and arrested the 23-year-old New Jersey man.


THE 10th PRECINCT: Located at 230 W. 20th St. (btw. Seventh & Eighth Aves.). Commander: Capt. Paul Lanot. Main number: 212-741-8211. Community Affairs: 212-741-8226. Crime Prevention: 212-741-8226. Domestic Violence: 212-741-8216. Youth Officer: 212-741-8211. Auxiliary Coordinator: 212-924-3377. Detective Squad: 212-741-8245. The Community Council meets on the last Wed. of the month, 7pm, at the 10th Precinct or other locations to be announced.

THE 13th PRECINCT: Located at 230 E. 21st St. (btw. Second & Third Aves.). Deputy Inspector: Brendan Timoney. Call 212-477-7411. Community Affairs: 212-477-7427. Crime Prevention: 212-477-7427. Domestic Violence: 212-477-3863. Youth Officer: 212-477-7411. Auxiliary Coordinator: 212-477-4380. Detective Squad: 212-477-7444. The Community Council meets on the third Tues. of the month, 6:30pm, at the 13th Precinct.

CASH FOR GUNS | $100 cash will be given (no questions asked) for each handgun, assault weapon or sawed-off shotgun, up to a maximum payment of $300. Guns are accepted at any Police Precinct, PSA or Transit District.