Pope Francis’ visit to NYC by the numbers

The NYPD detailed on Thursday what goes into preparing for and hosting Pope Francis’ visit to the city:

The police are using

24,500 barriers totaling about 37 miles. Additionally, 1,200 traffic cones are being used.

Pope Francis will spend

39 hours, 40 minutes in

New York City and will cover 54 miles on the ground here. He will be 4,270 miles from his home in Vatican City (the distance to JFK).

There are 220 different motorcades in the city between the pope and the United Nations General Assembly.

The NYPD will use 43 sand trucks when Pope Francis makes his way through Central Park.

There will be 409 pieces of concrete block used as well, with each block weighing 3,900 pounds, totaling 818 tons. Pope Francis’ predecessor, Pope Benedict, spent 58 hours and

45 minutes in New York during his three-day visit in 2008. The visit cost $6,584,637. Pope John Paul II visited for five days in 1995, which cost the city $4,401,714.