PRIMARY RESULTS: Hochul/Delgado take Democratic guv ticket; Zeldin wins Republican nomination

Early voting begins Oct. 29 in Manhattan midterm elections
Photo by Dean Moses

Primary day has ended in New York, as the polls have closed in the first of two summer contests, with voters turning out Tuesday to select their respective party nominees for governor, lieutenant governor and state Assembly seats.

On the Democratic side, the Associated Press called the race for Governor Kathy Hochul just after 9:35 p.m., winning her first test in a quest for her first, full term in office. She defeated two challengers: Queens/Long Island Congressman Tom Suozzi and Public Advocate Jumaane Williams.

Meanwhile, Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin of Long Island defeated three rivals for the party’s gubernatorial nomination: former Westchester County Executive Rob Astarino, businessman Harry Wilson and Andrew Giuliani, son of the former mayor and current Trump counsel Rudy Giuliani.

In the lieutenant governor’s race, Hochul’s running mate, Antonio Delgado — who only became lieutenant governor this month after being appointed to succeed the scandal-scarred former Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin — defeated former Deputy Brooklyn Borough President Diana Reyna and progressive activist Ana Maria Archila for the party’s nominee. Republicans did not have a contest for lieutenant governor.

Hochul and Delgado will face Zeldin and Republican lieutenant governor nominee Alison Esposito in the November general election.

Manhattan voters in 10 Assembly districts also got to elect their nominees to represent them in Albany next year. (Click here for race results in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx.) 

Nominations for the state Senate and Congressional races will be decided in an Aug. 23 primary. 

Watch this space for the citywide returns and reports on Manhattan races below (projected winners, as called by multiple media outlets, will have a √ in front of their names). All returns from the state and city Boards of Elections are preliminary.

Statewide races (statewide totals)

Democratic nomination for Governor (96% districts reported)

√-Kathy Hochul (i) 66.48% (574,359)
Tom Suozzi 12.83% (110,864)
Jumaane Williams 19.02% (164,319)

Republican nomination for Governor (96% districts reported)

√-Lee Zeldin 43.53% (193,096)
Andrew Giuliani 22.63% (100,417)
Rob Astorino 18.08% (80,216)
Harry Wilson 14.52% (64,437)

Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor (96% districts reported)

√-Antonio Delgado (i) 57.1% (493,248)
Ana Maria Archila 23.35% (201,687)
Diana Reyna 13.34% (115,191)

Manhattan Assembly races

61st District (Lower Manhattan, Staten Island) (94.69% scanners reported)

√-Charles Fall (i) 69.34% (4,091)
Justine Cuccia 30.24% (1,784)

65th District (Chinatown, Lower East Side, East Village) (97.47% scanners reported) 

Illapa Sairitupac 34.77% (3,127)
Denny Salas 13.28% (1,194)
Alana Sivin 3.05% (274)
√-Grace Lee 48.71% (4,381)

66th District (West Village, Chelsea, SoHo) (97.47% scanners reported)

√-Deborah Glick (i) 69.76% (8,497)
Ryder Kessler 30.1% (3,666)

68th District (Harlem) (98.94% scanners reported)

√-Eddie Gibbs (i) 36.81% (2,880)
Wilfredo Lopez 18.27% (1,429)
Tamika Mapp 19.11% (1,495)
John Ruiz-Miranda 25.48% (1,993)

70th District (Harlem) (97.85% scanners reported) 

√-Inez Dickens (i) 59.7% (6,340)
Delsenia Glover 30.05% (3,191)
Shawanna Vaughn 9.97% (1,059)

71st District (Harlem) (98.99% scanners reported) 

√-Alfred Taylor (i) 70.79% (6,751)
Luis Tejada 28.77% (2,744)

72nd District (Harlem, Washington Heights) (97.4% scanners reported)

√-Manny De Los Santos (i) 67.66% (4,439)
Nayma Silver-Matos 24.54% (1,610)
Silvia Smith 7.54% (495)

73rd District (Midtown, Upper East Side) (99% scanners reported) 

Adam Roberts 24.54% (2,573)
May Malik 6.35% (666)
Kellie Leeson 20.02% (2,099)
√-Alex Bores 28.81% (3,020)
Russell Squire 20.05% (2,102)

75th District (Midtown, Hell’s Kitchen) (94.25% scanners reported)

Harrison D. Marks 18.8% (1,767)
Christopher LeBron 13.51% (1,270)
Layla Law-Gisiko 27.43% (2,578)
√-Tony Simone 37.87% (3,559)
Lowell Kern 2.19% (206)

76th Precinct (Upper East Side, Roosevelt Island) (92.86% scanners reported)

√-Rebecca Seawright (i) 84.69% (9,520)
Patrick Bobilin 14.87% (1,631)

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